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Afon Eden Lower Mawddach & Conwy 07/12/2019

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Met at Public Toilet Falls car park 9am then put in up the Forest Road on Afon Eden.

Eden Gorge & Lower Mawddach (guided by Coach John Jones) paddled by 4 LCC members including Stew & Ringo; Grey Overcast but warm at 10 Degrees.

The level was low on Eden Gorge and proved to be a test of rock and tree skills with enough water to keep everyone interested. There was a tree that we paddled under on river left and the weir also had a tree in the middle so we had to take a line down river right. We paddled Public toilet falls on the right and it was a bumpy ride but fun!

The Lower Mawddach is a stunning river with huge boulders but we had enough water to get through. We got out at the usual old washed away path (wen confluence) – an expedition type exit!

John Jones went home and remaining 4 decided on a peer paddle and so headed back to The Conwy for a quick blast which went well but again was a little short on water …. Ringo got a bit too friendly with some rocks on a shallow drop….looking a bit like a happy hamster with one cheek full of food at the moment : )

The Eden Gorge Get in

All in all we had a great day out and the group showed some very impressive and improved skills. We were happy with the planning as we were back on the Road as the light started to fade….home just in time for a nice cuppa!


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