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Dwyfor and Conwy 19/10/2019

Dwfor: B4411, near Tyddyn Cethin to the main bridge in Llamstumdwy or where the river crosses the A497.

Conwy: 'middle section' where the river first meets the A5 to the second lay-by downstream of the bridge at Rhydlanfair on the A5.

Levels: medium for Dwfor. Low/medium for Conwy.

People: Martyn Long, Dan Lloyd Till, Richard Stevenson, Henry Forster, Lewis Martin and Johnny Porter.

Notes: Dwfor - first time down for us all, and always nice to paddle a new river. Decent grade 3 (maybe 3+ in the odd place) but a few trees to watch out for that affect the continuity a bit. Conwy - as reliable and pretty as ever!

Peer Paddle

Take out in Llamstumdwy.


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