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Eden 28/09/2019

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Eden: Coed Y Brenin to public toilets in Ganllwyd

Level: Medium/High

People: Martyn Long, Andy Vineer, Johnny Porter, Paul Crowsley and Dan Lloyd Till

Notes: First time on this river for all. A game of two halves! 1st half (am) got on too high and had a tree-fest. Walked off, phoned a friend and then got on again just after the bridge near the entrance to the Coed Y Brenin mountain biking center. 2nd half brilliant run, a great river at it's grade if you have plenty of water.

Peer Paddle.

Public Toilet Falls in low water conditions, not actually on the Eden (it is on the Mawddach) but the last drop we ran before the get out


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