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Vyrnwy October - November 2019 Club Trip(s)!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

The Vyrnwy from the Dam to Pont Robert

Attempt 1 12 October 2019 – Coach, assistant & 6 LCC members

The Vyrnwy was judged to be too high for the group (0.9) so we went to plan B.

Ceirw/Alwen was on a good level 0.77 (Druids) always a fun river got out at Rhug. We then went over to the Lower Mawddach which was rising from 0.65 (Tyddyn Gwladys) get in at Public Toilet car park. Good fun level lots of interest technical paddling dodging some big boulders. ‘The grave yard’ near the get out presented an impressive number of rocks to dodge! We got out at the old washed away path (wen confluence). Steep footpath challenging exit stunning scenery!

Attempt 2 – 9th November 2019 Pont Robert 09:30 6 LCC members ‘Snowmageddon!’


The Vyrnwy was on a good level 0.49 we arrived at Pont Robert in a snow storm at 9:15, by 9:30 it became obvious that the snow was here to stay and there was not much chance of us driving to the dam for the get in. A steady stream of very friendly but bemused locals shuffled past from the Post office. ‘You are not really going to go kayaking today are you?’ We were considering our options when the coach got through on the phone to say that he was stuck in the snow and would not be able to make it today. We decided to retreat and reconvene at The Tryweryn for a run down the lower. We went there in two groups - one group went over the hill to Bala the other went the long way back through Oswestry and got stuck behind 2 accidents. About 4 hours later we finally met up at the Tryweryn. We were informed at the desk that The Lower Tryweryn was closed so we all enjoyed a good peer run on the Upper. This was a challenging day and the team showed some real determination to paddle!

Attempt 3 - 16th November 2019 Coach & 5 LCC members

The Vyrnwy from the Dam to Pont Robert 9:30am level 0.6

Finally got on the Vyrnwy! The Dam car park get in is very handy - we went in below the weir as it was recirculating like a mechanical hungry monster! There is one interesting rapid on the top section which everyone that decided to run it nailed. The gorge was fun. All went to plan good run but a long paddle for a short day and not really much time to stop and play. The killer weir at Dolanog had a very large tree trunk in the way making it look very tricky! (Had a good look but of course portaged)

The get out at Pont Robert was easy to spot and we were there before the light faded. Some of us headed to the pub after for a well-deserved pint.


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